Eric & Karen Brauer are workers with Serge.  Eric is an Area Director, supervising Serge teams in Dublin-Ireland, Prague-Czech and Cluj-Romania.  In addition to supervising team leading couples, Eric is a mentor/coach of national church planters/leaders.  For 15 years, Eric led the Serge facilitative church planting team in Ireland – equipping, training and coaching Irish church planters.  In February 2017, Eric and Karen moved to Vienna, Austria with the hope of coaching and mentoring national church planters/leaders throughout the region.  Currently Eric & Karen are working with church leading couples in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.                                                                                                           After two years of teaching high school art at Black Forest Academy (BFA) in Kandern, Germany, Karen has re-engaged her creative gifts in painting and drawing.  While at BFA, Karen experienced God working through her creativity, teaching and relational skills, to love and help a number of high school students deal with personal, emotional issues.  She desires to develop this ‘Art-as-Therapy’ ministry in Vienna.                                                                                     Eric and Karen have seven adult children and two grandchildren, living in four countries on 3 continents. Talitha, Karis (married to Stephen), Corban (married to Amy) and Laurel (married to Jonathan), Joanna, Elyssa and Emily. The younger two are in college in the States.

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