December 8, 2017



“And That’s The Way It Is”


I’ve just about reached my limit on TV news – which is a difficult admission for me.  I can be a “news junkie.”  But I’m growing tired of the shouting and silliness that masquerades as news.  Here’s a real “News Alert” for some channels – your news alert from yesterday is not a “news alert” today!


You see, I grew up with Walter, David, and Chet.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I grew up watching the evening news with Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Chet Huntley.   Though broadcasted from competing networks, and undoubtedly with some slant, there was clearly something different about the news “back in the day.” – something better, in my opinion.  I mean Cronkite was even known as “Uncle Walter.”


That’s why I enjoy the Advent season and the Christmas so much.  It’s the only news that is truly good news; everyday!  And it’s over 2000 years old!


“And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news

of great joy that will be for all the people.  For unto you is born this day

in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.’”

Luke 2:10,11



Now that’s NEWS!  And the kind of news we need everyday.


First – It’s True news.  It comes from God!


Second – It’s Fear dispelling, not fear instilling news – and from angelic announcers!


Third – It’s Good News!  The shepherds’ world, and ours, has plenty of bad news.


Fourth – It’s Joy-full News; not sad or depressing news.


Fifth – It’s News that can truly change my life – not just for today but forever.


So, I intend to intentionally limit my “news” intake.  When news becomes noise it isn’t news anymore.  Oh, I’ll still keep up on current events – after all, I have family in Southern California!  But it’s time to take a break.  Instead of giving up something for Lent, I’ll give up news for Advent!  And here’s why.


The best news we can ever hear, the news that we really need to hear, comes from heaven’s hosts – not your network hosts. 




Joy to the World,







Title:  “How Far Is It To Bethlehem?”

Text:   Luke 2:4-7 (Page 857)

Pastor             Bob Clark


CONGRATULATIONS! Butch and Angie Bowen would like to announce the arrival of their twin granddaughters. Persephone at 5 lb 14 oz and Lily at 7 lb 8 oz born to their son Ben and his wife Kerra and big sister Emma. They are feeling overjoyed and blessed and appreciate everyone's prayers very much.

HOPE HOUSE FUNDRAISER – “The Real Meaning of Christmas” Tonight at 5:30pm & 7:30pm. Hosted by CPC. If there are any remaining tickets, they will be sold at the door for $10 each.

SUNDAY SCHOOL – Sunday School for All Ages today following Morning Worship.

DEACONS’ FUND OFFERING – We will be collecting the Deacons’ Fund Offering for the Mercy Ministries of the Church this Sunday. Sunday’s offering will be a special Christmas offering for the Haiti Orphanage.

CHOIR REHEARSALS – Choir will rehearse on Wednesday, December 13th at 7pm and Saturday, December 16th at 9am at the church.

RED POINSETTIA PLANTS – If you would like to purchase a poinsettia in honor of, or in memory of someone who is special to you, please fill out Sunday’s insert & place it in the offering plate or return it to the church office by Wednesday, December 13th.

SINGING TELEGRAMS – For those who ordered Singing Telegrams, they will be delivered this Sudnay. Thank you for supporting your Youth.  

CPC FAMILY CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION Join us for the CPC Family Christmas Celebration on Sunday Evening, December 17th at 6pm.   Please place RSVP in the basket provided in the Welcome area (See Sunday’s bulletin insert.) or RSVP by calling the church office 765.966.4017.

YOUTH SERVICE REQUEST FORMIf you would like to have a member of the Youth Group help with a project (raking leaves, shoveling snow, or something else) please fill out a form provided at the Welcome Center. Donations are appreciated and will go toward the cost of Summer Conference. Please turn any donation in to Pastor Jeff, for record keeping purposes.

CHRISTMAS HAMS FOR ROCK SOLID – Volunteers needed to serve a meal at Rock Solid Ministries the day after Christmas. Please consider joining us to serve and or clean up for this meal. In addition, we are in need of 4 to 5 spiral hams. The schedule for this event is listed below. If you are able to help serve, clean up or donate a ham, please contact Emily Fredrick at 977-5363 or emilharr12@gmail.com. Once we hear who is willing to serve in either way, Emily will send out further instructions. Thank you for supporting this Ministry.

Tuesday, December 26th

Serving food - 4:15pm - 6:00pm

Clean-up crew - 5:30pm - 6:10pm



Many of you probably are familiar with Aaron Shust, who is a prominent Christian music artist.  Prior to his gaining a high profile in Christian music, he was a church worship leader and he actually led the music at some of the PCA camps and youth retreats up in the Chicago area, which many of our youth in the past attended.  He has done some nice original Christmas music, but also some fresh arrangements to familiar carols.


This month we will be learning his arrangement to "Good Christian Men, Rejoice".  The lyrics of the verses are familiar; the basic melody is familiar; however, Aaron has added a new,uplifting refrain, and the overall tone of the arrangement will hopefully cause us as a body to 




Below is the link to listen and the lyrics!





“Rejoice” (Song of the Month)


Good Christian men rejoice

With heart and soul and voice

Give ye heed to what we say

Jesus Christ is born today

Ox and lamb before Him bow

He is in the manger now

Christ is born today

Christ is born today


So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

O rejoice


Good Christian men rejoice

With heart and soul and voice

Now ye hear of endless bliss

Jesus Christ was born for this

He has opened heaven's door

And man is blessed forevermore

Christ was born for this

Christ was born for this



So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

O rejoice 


Good Christian men rejoice

With heart and soul and voice

Now ye need not fear the grave

Jesus Christ was born to save

Calls you one and calls you all

To gain His everlasting hall

Christ was born to save

Christ was born to save


So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

O rejoice O rejoice O rejoice









These days, Harbor City Church in Sydney, Australia, is a model example of a successful church plant.


But it wasn’t always this way.


“We came out here 11 years ago with a heart for missions, church planting, and college ministry,” said MTW missionary and regional director for Australasia Jim Jung (pictured above, far right), who serves in Sydney with his wife, Claudia. For the first three years, over and over Jim and Claudia would have conversations, make contacts, and gather together a core group. It would begin to look like a church was about to form—and then it would crash. Every. Time.


“That happened two or three times,” said Jim. “Church planting is difficult, man.”


Yet, while church-planting efforts struggled on through constant barriers and challenges, Jim had simultaneously begun to work with college students, a ministry that at first he considered secondary.


But then it took off. “Within that first year I got invited to a conference as a speaker,” Jim said. “Then a few kids wanted to hang out, and I got on a couple college campuses. Then we did a training retreat that became an annual event. It started with a couple of students and then the next year more guys came, and then more, and then more.”


Toward the end of Jim and Claudia’s third year, despite their best efforts, a church plant still had not formed, and Jim had grown discouraged.


“Church planting was supposed to be our primary thing, and I just felt like a complete failure,” said Jim. “I thought: ‘Why am I wasting my supporters’ money? Why am I wasting my time here?’ Even though the university ministry was moving along better than I could have imagined, that was not the primary thing on my agenda.”


Ministry success syndrome
In God’s gracious providence, MTW had recently assigned a pastoral associate couple to the Australia team. Bob and Paige Eickelberg, tasked with pastoring missionaries, came out to Sydney for a visit and Jim opened up to Bob about his struggles.


“Bob had been a pastor of a small church for 20-some years in Baltimore, and he understood the challenges and oppression of ‘ministry success syndrome,’” said Jim. “When I shared with him that I felt like a failure, that I would rather not waste the support of churches and friends by failing to deliver, he patiently asked questions.”


“Jim, are you walking with the Lord?” Bob asked. “Are you making efforts to reach out? Are you seeking to preach and teach and disciple people in whatever opportunities the Lord provides?”


“Yes,” Jim answered.


“Then as far as God is concerned, you are a great success in His eyes, and that is all that matters,” said Bob.


Bob’s searching questions, his wise counsel, and above all his speaking gospel truth was an eye-opener for Jim. He knew the theory, but actually experiencing the love and approval of God in the midst of perceived failure was a life-changing, paradigm-shifting moment.



From side ministry to global movement That moment, as it turned out, was the beginning of a sea change for the Sydney church plant. A year later the college kids who were 18 or so when Jim began his student ministry work started graduating. They asked him: “Hey, you’ve been teaching us on campus, but you talk about your church-planting work. Can we be a part of that?”


The Harbor City church plant ended up forming around that core group of students whom Jim had started with four years earlier. The “side ministry” had become a church. Now over 10 years later, many of that same core group of students are still a key part of the church plant and prime candidates for eldership in the next few years.


“The church has been around for about seven years, and the college ministry has been around for 11,” said Jim. “And they’ve both been growing steadily.”


Not only does Harbor City now have a growing, thriving church body, their university ministry is on four major campuses and reaching more students than ever. The church has also started a ministry for working professionals. For the last six years, taking advantage of Sydney’s position as a global hub, they have even been sending out short-term missions teams to neighboring Asian countries, forming significant partnerships and spurring on a number of singles and couples within the church to express serious interest in becoming long-term missionaries.


And the little Australian church plant is far from finished. Asked about the future, Jim mentions efforts being made to mobilize Reformed African American churches as missionaries to the Aboriginal people of Australia, his hope to eventually plant a daughter church in Sydney, and a dream to empower Australian partner churches to bring the gospel to the Pacific Islands.


Jim needed to have his eyes opened to see what God was already doing right in front of him, growing a church in His own way and in His own timing. The lesson here? Church planting can happen through many different avenues, even the unexpected ones, when we faithfully follow God’s call to simply make disciples.







Tuesday Morning Ladies’ Bible Study, Old Testament overview, led by Pastor Bob Clark, meets 8:30-10:00 a.m. in the church fireplace area.

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Inspire – The Next INSPIRE meeting will be held on January 11th from 6:45pm -8:45pm in the CPC foyer (350 Henley Rd. Richmond, IN) Dessert & 2 speakers: 1 sharing a Practical focus & 1 sharing part of "Her Story" a testimony of God's faithfulness in her life. Fellowship, Connect, Discuss & Pray. All ladies of the church in high school or older are invited to attend the INSPIRE events.



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