December 1, 2017


An Intentional Advent


Can you believe it - Advent is here!  And the joyous events of the next week in the life of our church give clear evidence of that; beginning with this Sunday!  The Christmas season can be a very busy, busy time - for individuals, families, and churches.  I often feel the pace pick up a bit after we “turn the corner” of the Thanksgiving weekend – and this year was no different.   I’m wondering, did you have a sense of that as well?


All of that said; let me ask you another question? 


Do ever feel like your celebration of Advent is more accidental than it is intentional?  


We often hear the question, “What’s in your wallet?”  Don’t worry, I’m not going there today.  But I would like to frame a related question to that thought and my question from above – here it is.


“What’s On Your Christmas Calendar?”


I’m a little sheepish even asking that question because I know only too well my own propensity to just “let Christmas happen!”  And while life can often use the spice of spontaneity, there is also a good argument for “planned” spontaneity.  Though on the surface that phrase may appear to be oxymoronic, for those who just say a silent “yes” when they read it – well, it makes perfect sense to them!


I would like to suggest that all of us take a close look at our Advent Season this year.  After all, even the first Christmas was the wonderful culmination of both patience and planning on the part of the Father.   People, places and things, all worked together to bring about the “impossible” – the virgin birth of God’s Son!


The name given to the Christ child was Immanuel – God with Us.  But, again, my concern is that too often “God with Us,” turns quickly and almost unnoticeably into “God kind of around us.”  How does that happen?  Ask the planned spontaneity people – they can tell you :{)


Here’s my suggestion – for individuals and families alike.  Soon, and by soon I mean this weekend, set aside an hour to discuss how you would like to make Advent Intentional.  Grab your calendar and some hot chocolate and do a little planning; for families include your children – it’s a great learning lesson for them as well.  Write down all the family, church, and school activities that will take place over the next month – be sure to include the week after Christmas – maybe even 12 Days after Christmas!


This is one of - if not THE - busiest months of the year.  For many of us, it’s also the “BESTEST” month of the year.  So why not make it a little more intentional and perhaps, directional?  In the same that the Lord used the star to guide the Wise Men to Bethlehem, allow the Lord to guide you this month to Bethlehem!  But leave a little room for something spontaneous.  Trust me – those heavy-eyelid shepherds were surprise!


Expecting an Intentionally Adventitious Advent!








Title: “Caesar, Did You Know?”

Text:   Luke 2:1-4

Pastor             Bob Clark


CONGRATULATIONS! To Ryan and Arden Davis on the birth of their son, Graham Robert Davis, born Tuesday, November 28th, weighing 6 lbs.12 oz. and 19 inches long. Congratulations also to Big Sister Amiyah and Brother Jenson  Sister Amiyah and to Pastor Bob and Nedra Clark on the birth of their 12th Grandchild!

SUNDAY SCHOOL – Children’s Sunday School will meet as usual following morning worship. There will be no Adult SS this week. All Adults are invited to stay and help arrange the sanctuary for the upcoming Ladies Advent Tea. All help is appreciated.

ANNUAL LADIES ADVENT TEA – This year’s Ladies’ Advent Tea, “Unwrapping The Wonder” will be held on Wednesday evening December 6th. Purchase your tickets for $7.00 each See Jodi McKinney for more information.

HOPE HOUSE FUNDRAISER – “The Real Meaning of Christmas”Friday, December 8th at 5:30pm & 7:30pm. Hosted by CPC. Tickets are available now, please see Mindy Deckard or call or stop by the church office. They are $10 each.

DEACONS’ FUND OFFERING – We will be collecting the Deacons’ Fund Offering for the Mercy Ministries of the Church next week.

RED POINSETTIA PLANTS – If you would like to purchase a poinsettia in honor of, or in memory of someone who is special to you, please fill out Sunday’s bulletin insert & place it in the offering plate or return it to the church office by Wednesday, December 13th.

SINGING TELEGRAMS – The Youth Group will deliver a few songs of Christmas joy and cheer, as well as a little Christmas surprise, to a business associate, relative, shut-in, nursing home resident, or your favorite person/persons. To order your Singing Telegram, fill out the form at the Welcome Center Today.  You may call the church office until Thurs., Dec. 7th Suggested donation:  $10 per telegram. (Make checks payable to Christ Presbyterian Church & note “Singing Telegrams” on the memo line)Singing Telegrams will be delivered on Sunday, December 10th

CPC FAMILY CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION Join us for the CPC Family Christmas Celebration on Sunday Evening, December 17th at 6pm.   Please place RSVP in the basket provided in the Welcome area (See bulletin insert.) or RSVP by calling the church office 765.966.4017.

YOUTH SERVICE REQUEST FORM – If you would like to have a member of the Youth Group help with a project (raking leaves, shoveling snow, or something else) please fill out a form provided at the Welcome Center. Donations are appreciated and will go toward the cost of Summer Conference. Please turn any donation in to Pastor Jeff, for record keeping purposes








Many of you probably are familiar with Aaron Shust, who is a prominent Christian music artist.  Prior to his gaining a high profile in Christian music, he was a church worship leader and he actually led the music at some of the PCA camps and youth retreats up in the Chicago area, which many of our youth in the past attended.  He has done some nice original Christmas music, but also some fresh arrangements to familiar carols.


This month we will be learning his arrangement to "Good Christian Men, Rejoice".  The lyrics of the verses are familiar; the basic melody is familiar; however, Aaron has added a new,uplifting refrain, and the overall tone of the arrangement will hopefully cause us as a body to 




Below is the link to listen and the lyrics!





“Rejoice” (Song of the Month)


Good Christian men rejoice

With heart and soul and voice

Give ye heed to what we say

Jesus Christ is born today

Ox and lamb before Him bow

He is in the manger now

Christ is born today

Christ is born today


So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

O rejoice


Good Christian men rejoice

With heart and soul and voice

Now ye hear of endless bliss

Jesus Christ was born for this

He has opened heaven's door

And man is blessed forever more

Christ was born for this

Christ was born for this



So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

O rejoice 


Good Christian men rejoice

With heart and soul and voice

Now ye need not fear the grave

Jesus Christ was born to save

Calls you one and calls you all

To gain His everlasting hall

Christ was born to save

Christ was born to save


So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

So rejoice O rejoice

Hallelujah Christ has come

So rejoice lift your voice

Sing Emmanuel with us

O rejoice O rejoice








Although life living here in the jungle farmlands of Nicaragua is beautiful and I enjoy living here, there are times when I wonder what in the world I have gotten myself into. I’ve realized that life here just takes more. It’s not easy to live here. It takes more effort than in the States. Yet, many times, I just laugh at the craziness of it all. So, I thought I might provide y’all with a glimpse into the top 10 tools I use often here in Nicaragua.


1. Water Heater. No hot water here. Sometimes we barely even have water as it only comes once or twice a week. But when it’s chilly here and a cold shower is unimaginable, heating up my water on the stove, pressurizing it, and having four minutes of hot water is such a blessing.


2. Clothes wringer. Yes, I feel like I’m back in the pioneer days with this one. But it helps a lot to be able to wring out my clothes before I hang them up to dry, especially in the rainy season. Dry clothes are better than moldy clothes every time.


3. Clothes washer. This tool looks a lot like a plunger. But this little guy helps me wash more than one item at a time. I put the water, soap, and some clothes in a bucket and plunge it with this thing for a couple minutes and presto—clean clothes!


4. La pila. Unless of course the clothes are reallydirty or are extra big, like towels and blankets. I clean all those on the washboard of my pila. A pila is a basin-washboard combination. The pila is also super helpful when it comes to giving my dog a bath, too.


5. Yeti. These large, well-insulated coolers are awesome. Since there’s not enough solar for a refrigerator this is where I keep my foods that need to be kept cold. Although I still have to go to the store every three days to get ice, they work really well.


6. Machete. Yap, even the gringa has one of these. You might be surprised by the many uses for this tool: killing scorpions and other big unwanted jungle bugs, weeding the garden, cutting the grass, and cutting down coconuts and bananas from the trees. No, I haven’t used it as a weapon yet, but it makes me feel prepared, just in case.


7. Buckets. One bucket is for collecting rain water to use for the toilet. I also use other buckets to clean my car, water the plants, and many of various other tasks as well.


8. Shoes. Although, they are a necessity to wear constantly to keep the parasites out of my body, they are also useful for other things, you might not think of. My number one use for them is killing mosquitos, spiders, tarantulas, fire ants, beetles, and other unwanted creatures that make their way into my house.


9. A needle. Of course this has an obvious use—repairing the holes that randomly show up in my clothes. But they also come in super handy when you get lava glass stuck in your hands or feet. What’s lava glass? Oh, it’s just the hair-like pieces of glass that fall out of the sky since I live super close to the Masaya Volcano.


10. Baygon. This handy pesticide is one of my best friends. I use this stuff to kill any unwanted creatures – especially those I don’t want to get to close to (tailless whip scorpions) or those that outnumber me 10,000 to one (termites).


As you can see, life can be crazy around here. This is just a fraction of all the things I actually use, but a good glimpse at life here. I am super thankful that God has chosen to place me here to serve alongside His people. He continues to teach me so much. Not just about living life in the jungle, but about who He is, who I am in Him, and His wonderful plan for His people.


Bethany Alms serves with MTW in Nicaragua.





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